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    ¿Como dejar el hábito de tomar soda de dieta?

    ¿Que es la soda de dieta? Los refrescos de dieta se introdujeron por primera vez en la década de 1950 para las personas con diabetes, aunque luego se comercializaron para personas que intentan controlar el peso o reducir el consumo de azúcar.             La soda de dieta es esencialmente una mezcla de agua carbonatada, edulcorante artificial o natural, colores, sabores y otros aditivos. Aquí están los ingredientes que comúnmente encuentras en la soda de dieta:                Agua carbonatada: Esto es gas (dióxido de carbono) disuelto en agua a presión. Edulcorantes artificiales: Estos pueden ser azúcar de mentira como aspartame, sacarina,…

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    Naz’s Integrative Nutrition Prescription

    Integrative nutrition is a type of approach that  focuses on the whole person, is patient/team centered, and health/healing oriented.  Here are the top 5 ingredients I use to help my clients understand, identify, and manage their conditions using food as medicine. 1. Listen to your body: By the time people come to me they have tried 50 thousand things they found on the internet and often times these don’t help them achieve their goals nor make them feel any happier. I try to be the acupuncture needle that presses on questions like, is what I am eating making me feel good? What am I doing to manage my stress? These questions…

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    Why I became an Integrative Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

    2016 was the year I became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and my goal at the time was to open my private practice and teach Spanish-speaking clients how to manage their diabetes using food as medicine. Little did I know what life had ahead for me. Today, I work closely with a gastroenterologist in my practice at Elmhurst Digestive and Liver Diseases and I see primarily digestive and diabetes related conditions with clients ranging from age 2 and above. But, let me tell you the story since the beginning. Two months after receiving my license I began working as a dietitian and diabetes educator at a large primary care clinic in Manhattan, as…

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