Welcome and thank you for stopping by! Wondering who we are?

We are Naz and Ariel, the founders of MyFitBytes®, a brand built on the practice of balanced living by deeply connecting with nourishing foods and becoming aware of our movements and emotions. We met in our teen years and have been evolving together ever since. Over the past five years we have collectively acquire skills in technology, yoga, integrative nutrition, dance fitness, and herbalism. Our collective experiences, combined career paths, and shared philosophy of ‘everyone can live a life in balance with what is available in their environment’, have brought us together in a powerful way called MyFitBytes®.

We created this blog in 2018 with the intention to shed light on the many challenges humanity faces today, especially the evolving numbers of people that struggle with digestive issues, poor nutrition, and living in a sedentary culture.

Our goal is to empower individuals and communities in New York and beyond to embrace the power of food and movement through our acroyoga classes, nutrition consults, blog posts, and social media posts.

These Days

Over the last few years, our main focus has been channeled into education. We are proud and honored to have invested not only time and money, but more importantly our heart and soul into an idea that ended up bringing likeminded students who are in the path of becoming registered dietitian nutritionist, to learn about the practice of integrative nutrition.

We are an online platform that allows aspiring RDNs to write and share about what they know best, using food as medicine.

The Integrative Nutrition Internship program is an immersive internships for three months supervised by Nazirber De La Cruz, RDN, CDN and offered at Elmhurst Digestive and Liver Diseases in Queens, NY.

We invite interested students to become part of #MyFitBytesTeam and sign up online to learn about the practice of integrative nutrition. 


Nazirber De La Cruz

Registered Dietitian/Integrative Nutritionist/Co-founder

Naz is an adventurer at heart. As a bilingual clinician and teacher of nutrition and wellness, she coaches her patients and students to find the intuitive power within themselves to transform and heal their mind and bodies. She sees patients with digestive issues and diabetes at her private practice located at Elmhurst Digestive and Liver Diseases in Queens, New York.


Naz’s coaching and teaching skills are influenced by integrative and functional nutrition, yoga, acroyoga, fitness, and herbal medicine. Her intention is to create an inclusive environment for her clients where they can feel good and have fun in their own skin. Naz holds a B.S. in nutrition from Lehman College and completed her dietetic internship from Wellness Workdays.

Ariel Maduro

Software Developer/Registered Yoga Teacher/Co-founder

Ariel is a raw, yet playful teacher. He believes that with the right tools, education, and support, people can achieve good health. His passion for the outdoors, the ocean, and fitness, has led him to travel the world with his soulmate and found deep grounding through vinyasa and acroyoga practices.

Ariel leads the technology development, acroyoga, and fitness efforts at MyFitBytes®. He holds a B.S. in computer science from Lehman College and has made a successful career in academia and technical operations.

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